Maybe not today… but someday.

On social media today, a fellow workout friend posted a meme that read: “Just because you can’t do it today, doesn’t mean you can’t do it someday.”

The timing of that is too perfect to pass up, as I sit typing with legs that protest every movement I make today.  I’m sore.  I attended a class last night at my martial arts school that would have been impossible for me two years ago.  As it was, I stuck it through, far longer than my mind and body thought I could, sometimes merely for the sheer stubborn tenacity of being the highest ranking belt on the floor at the time and therefore unwilling to give up in front of lower ranks — no matter if they are 20 years younger than I.

As my internal dialogue was cursing the instructor for the sadistic drill sergeant routine and I was dripping sweat on the mat and every muscle in my body was crying, it all of a sudden occurred to me that I had made significant progress.  Had I stepped into this class two years ago, walked onto the mat and attempted to follow instructions, there was no possible way I could have kept up.

But slowly, incrementally, one day at a time, one sweaty class at a time, one decision after the other to push, to keep trying — and here I am.  Able to do this class.  Keeping up.  Yes, it hurts.  Yes, I’m sore.  Yes, I have further work to do.

Today, however, what I could not do two years ago, or even yesterday, I can do today, and will do even more.  Someday.

Keep going.  One small step at a time.  Never lose sight of the goals you have set for yourself, whether it be a black belt or losing 25 pounds or merely attending one class a week.  Choose where you want to end up, and each day, choose again to work in that direction.  Because what you think you might not be able to do today, you will most likely be able to do someday, with the proper determination and application.


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